947 Dual Vestibule Pushplate

The Vestibule plate provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for vestibule applications, providing a way to open both doors independently of one another.

This pushplate is designed to fit into either double-gang or 4x4 electrical boxes. Typical uses include controlling inside and outside doors of a vestibule. The faceplates are made of 1/16" thick stainless steel for durable use. The pushplate may be hard wired to the door operator or connected to on of RCI's line of radio-controlled transmitters.


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• Handicap Areas
• Vandal-Prone Areas
• Vestibules
• Storefront
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Health Care

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• Rather than having 2 pushplates, the 947 series provides an aesthetically pleasing solution to the vestibule application
• Conserves energy by only opening necessary doors
• Stainless steel faceplate
• Tamper-Resistant
• An all-active plate activates with any "push" location
• Weather boot between plate and back plate for all weather applications
• Screws come in multiple sizes (#6 & #8) which fits both single and double gang mounting boxes
• Text and logo are baked onto the surface for maximum durability
• Stainless Steel (scratch/scuff resistant)
• Tamper-Resistant
• Ideal for Vandal-Prone Areas
• Lifetime Warranty
• Can be mounted on RCI's Bollard

Lifetime Warranty

• 16 gauge, 304 2B Stainless steel faceplate
• 1/8" thick, Aluminum backplate
• Stainless Steel 6-32 x 1" and 8-32 x 1" Allen head mounting screws
• Cherry Switch: Single-pole, 15A, COM/NO/NC contacts
• 5/64" Allen key removes both 6-32 and 8-32 mounting screws
• Powdercoat then clear coated faceplates available on certain styles
• Wire nuts

947 Components and Details


Model Description
946475FLU Square Flush Mount Box
946475SUR Square Surface Mount Box
946DGPLATE Double Gang Mount Box
9BOLL Bollard
Model Description Finish
4-3/4"W x 4-3/4" H x 1-7/20"D Dual Vestibule Pushplate
947 Handicap Symbol and 'Push to Open'
32D - Brushed Stainless Steel (Standard)