6451 Exit Sensor Bar

Non-latching bar activated with a light touch.

warranty5yr warranty5yr doorframes
105mA Max
12-24 VAC/VDC
Switch Configuration
DPDT Relay
Rugged, Weather-Resistant Design
Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • Offers immediate "no prior knowledge" egress by pushing on the bar at any point
  • Optical sensing electronics controlling lock and signal functions have no moving parts to wear out
  • Built-in redundant mechanical switch for back-up release
  • No tune-in required - complicated calibration and fine tuning are unnecessary and return calls are eliminated
  • Three standard bar lengths are offered - contact factory for custom lengths
  • Bar may be activated by anything - human touch, briefcase, cane, wheelchair, etc.
  • Ideal for ADA compliant installations
  • Weather-resistant electronics - conformal coated circuitry resists moisture damage
  • All-metal construction - the entire bar, including end caps, is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, offering high resistance to abuse and vandalism
  • Armored power transfer cord - furnished standard
  • Dual output standard - DPDT contacts provide lock control and alarm shunting capabilities
  • Built-in spike suppression - all input/output terminals are protected from line spikes
  • Entire bar is finished, including the end caps
  • Contemporary design - architecturally engineered to offer one of the lowest profiles in the industry
  • Non-handed

Certifications & Testing

  • ANSI/UL294
  • CSFM: 3774-1457:0102
  • NYC MEA: 23-92-E Vol. II
  • Factory tested to over 1-million cycles

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Model Voltage Duty Current
6451 12-24VAC/VDC Continuous 105mA max

CAB64 - Cable Kit; 16 feet, 8-conductor 22 AWG jacketed hook-up cable to facilitate field wiring

TSB - Mounting Pads; modified to match Securitron® TSB mounting footprint

WDK - Wood Door Kit; four thru-bolts and four sex nuts

Model Width Options Finish
6451 36", 42" or 48"

DMB - Dummy Bar

PTE - "Push To Exit" Engraved Signage

28 - Brushed Anodized Aluminum

4 - Brushed Brass

10B - Brushed Dark Bronze


6451 Product Sheet