The EW8310 is more than an Electromagnetic lock, it can also sense when an intruder is attempting to gain access into a building through a locked door.
The patented built-in sensor detects attempted forced entry and activates a local and/or remote alarm prior to the integrity of the door being compromised; well before the break-in has occurred.

An alarm in the immediate location will ward off would be thieves before they have a chance to gain access. The light panel provides highly visible information related to the status changes of the door. For example, it works as a status indicator when the door is secure or notifies if an attempted break-in has occurred.


Facilties health care factory back door perimeter office corridor Retail Airport Exhibit

  • Office Complexes
  • Government Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Airports
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Industrial Mall Complexes

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Easysecurity10 yearlow energy


  • Built-in sensor will activate a local and/or remote alarm upon attempted forced entry - before the door has been compromised
  • Unique highly visible "Red/Green" light panel indicates status of door (local)
  • Built-in Security Condition Sensor (SCS) feature indicates that the door is closed, bonded and that the Electromagnetic Lock is functioning normally
  • Dry contact relay switching (SPDT and DPDT) provided for local and/or remote alarm monitoring
  • Auto sensing voltage from 12 to 24 VDC
  • Up to 1200lbs (540kg) holding force
  • Low voltage detection
  • Nuisance delay feature accomodates accidental triggering
  • MOV surge protection
  • Brushed Anodized Aluminum finish

PLUS! Standard MultiMag® features included

  • Adjustable keyhole mounting
  • Convenient plug-in wiring terminals
  • Easy access wiring cavity
  • Encapsulated 4-bolt 'Drop-Stop" mounting
  • Self-drilling tek™ fasteners


Nuisance Delay This feature is designed to accommodate accidental triggering. A pull to the door with a minimum of 55lbs of force changes the light panel from green to red and triggers the local alarm relay. If the pressure is withdrawn within 4 seconds, the system will return to normal.
30 Second Alarm Period If pressure on the door is maintained for more than 4 seconds, the remote alarm relay will de-activate, the local alarm relay remains on and the light panel continues to flash red.
After 30 seconds, the local and remote alarm relay will remain in its de-activated state until the lock has been reset, but the light panel will continue to blink indicating an attempted break-in has occurred until reset.
Light Panel This full length feature is a highly visible red and green status indicator.
Supplementary Sounder An external alarm device may be connected to pulse during the 4 second nuisance delay and sound steady during the 30 second remote alarm period.

NOTE: All installations must be approved by the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)


  • 10 Year Warranty

Housing Dimensions:
2-1/8"D x 2-7/8"H x 10-13/16"L
(54mm x 73mm x 275mm)

Armature Plate Dimensions:
5/8" D x 2-3/8" H x 7-7/16"L
(16mm x 60mm x 189mm)

Auto sensing voltage 12 to 24 VDC
Tolerance ±10%

Power/Current Requirements:
Max 0.58A @ 12VDC Max 0.29A @ 24VDC

Local Alarm Output: SPDT 1.0A 120VAC, 2A 30VDC
Remote Alarm Output: DPDT: 1.0A 120VAC, 2A 30VDC

NOTE: RCI recommends frame reinforcement and our filtered, regulated DC voltage 10 Series power supplies.

cULus Listed GWXT Auxiliary Locks | Patent pending

Holding Force:
Up to 1200lbs (540kg) pounds

Operating Temperature:
Circuit board operating temperature 14ºF to 140ºF (-10ºC to 60ºC)
Not for use in outdoor environments.




960-MO Keyswitch
(no charge for KA - keyed alike option)
914 External Sounder (Indoor use) White
(Canada ONLY)
1A Power Supply with Fire Panel Disconnect
(12VDC - 1 amp)
(Canada ONLY)
1A Power Supply with Fire Panel Disconnect
(24VDC - 1 amp)
Power Supply with Fire release Relay (12/24VDC) -

Finish 28 - Brushed Anodized Aluminum

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Early Warning Electromagnetic Lock 28

Finish 28 - Brushed Anodized Aluminum