Rutherford Controls is proud to announce that its new EW8310 Early Warning Electromagnetic lock has been selected as one of ASIS International's Accolades Award winners.

EW8310 with ASIS logo
ASIS International, is the preeminent organization for security professionals worldwide. The Accolades are a new awards competition that recognizes the security industry's most innovative new products, services and/or solutions.

A team of judges representing end users and experts in security technologies evaluated more than 130 entries before selecting the top 10 winners.

The EW8310 Electromagnetic Lock was a winner in the "Coolest Stuff" category. This category is described as a security device that sets itself apart as a breakthrough or inventive as compared to similar products or techniques. This is something that not so long ago was yet to be imagined.

The EW8310 is more than an Electromagnetic lock, it can also sense when an intruder is attempting to gain access into a building through a locked door. The patented built-in sensor detects attempted forced entry and activates local and remote alarms prior to the integrity of the door being compromised; well before the break-in has occurred.

An alarm in the immediate location, similar to a car alarm, will ward off would be thieves before they have a chance to gain access. The remote alarm notifies security allowing them time to get to the break in area.

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