RCI Releases its NEW EW8310 Early Warning EM Lock

Rutherford Controls Int'l Corp., April 16, 2009 -

Rutherford Controls Intl Corp announces the New EW8310 Early Warning Electromagnetic Lock; An electromagnetic lock ("EML") with the added value of providing an extra layer of security by acting as if there is a security guard at every door.

Unlike any other EML in the marketplace, the EW8310 can 'sense' when an intruder is attempting to gain access into a building through a locked door and can trigger an alarm before they have a chance to gain access, similar to the theft deterrent of a car alarm. Other EML's currently only have the capability of triggering a local and/or remote alarm once the door has already been compromised.

As with RCI's recently released delayed egress system, the early warning unit also holds a highly visible Red/Green light panel that works as a status indicator when the door is secure or notifies if an attempted break-in has occurred. This unique light panel is highly visible from a distance which is ideal for sight inspections down long corridors. The EW8310 also comes standard with a host of easy to install features such as adjustable keyhole mounting, convenient plug-in wiring terminal, easy access wiring cavity, and auto sensing 12/24VDC.

"The advantage to End Users of this lock is clear; it can deter an attempt to gain access in progress by either scaring-off the intruder or giving personnel time to respond." states Bob Lafrance V.P. of Sales & Marketing. "RCI is very excited about the launch of this enhanced electromagnetic lock and we feel that it further strengthens our reputation as a solution provider for electrified door hardware in the marketplace".

Known today as RCI, Rutherford Controls Int'l Corp. has forged strategic global alliances and provides the architectural hardware, locksmith, and security markets with the best in electric locks, door hardware and access control products.

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