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Jason Patterson
Lead Electronic Access & Data (EAD) - USA

phone: 317-565-9561
email: jason.patterson @dormakaba.com

Alex Grenda
OEM & Sales Support Manager (EAD)

phone: 416-399-5961
email: alex.grenda@dormakaba.com

Todd Humphrey
Senior Regional Sales Manager - Ontario, Quebec, Eastern Canada

phone: 519-212-5887
email: todd.humphrey@rutherfordcontrols.com

John Frazer
Sales Agency Manager - Western Canada

phone: 403-966-0027
email: john.frazer@rutherfordcontrols.com

Peter Lowenstein
Senior Regional Sales Manager, EAD - Western USA

phone: 480-403-1177
email: peter.lowenstein@rutherfordcontrols.com

Joseph Hooper
Senior Regional Sales Manager, EAD - Northeast USA

phone: 603-715-4244
email: joseph.hooper@rutherfordcontrols.com

Antoinette Lucchese
Lead Marketing Services

phone: 519-222-7482
email: antoinette.lucchese@dormakaba.com

Roxanna Ali

Product Marketing Manager, EAD

phone: 647-621-2330

email: roxanna.ali1@dormakaba.com

For General Sales or
Marketing Inquries
Please Contact

phone: 800-265-6630
email: sales@rutherfordcontrols.com